Beyond art, these are transformational sessions that will lead to deeper understanding, inspired communication and Divine connection.  

The Divine Calligraphy & Connections can happen face-to-face, over the phone or on Skype and Divine Calligraphy artworks can be mailed

The power of Divine Energy knows no boundaries of time and space. :) 

Group packages for Company Teams, Retreats and Inspirational Gatherings are also available.

"I was introduced to Gary through an evening of Divine Calligraphy & Connection at a mutual friends. When it was my turn to sit with Gary I was uncertain as to what "word" I wanted represented in my Divine Calligraphy that he was creating. I explained to Gary that it was more of a quality in support I was led to ask for … that I had been experiencing and observing tremendous external chaos aroundme with my immediate and extended family in my life daily. 
I desired a calligraphy to assist me in being congruent and to respond in a manner that was in the highest good for all involved. I kept the Divine Calligraphy by my bedside and would sit with it especially before having a "discussion" with
anyone. It had been several months when I realized the calligraphy was changing energetically … and then I realized so had I. Gary's guided meditations, Qigong classes, talks and calligraphy have greatly supported, assisted and guided me on all levels of personal awareness. Thank you Gary for speaking my language!

Jacqueline Crevier Wick    

Artist and Messenger Gary Savitsky, flows these one-of-a-kind creations from a Thin Place, a meditative space where the veil between our physical realm and the spiritual world of limitless possibility, is thinned.  

You can purchase these Divine Calligraphy artworks as 11X17 Prints from Gary’s original set of 28 (as featured in his book Divine Messages), through our SHOP page, or you can embark on a remarkable journey with Gary to discover your own dynamic and life-giving message through a Divine Calligraphy & Connection Guidance Session and in the process receive a personalized Divine Calligraphy, as a size of your choosing, for your home and/or office, for yourself or for someone else.

Attention to traditional technique and materials and, an openness to inspired artistic evolution and expression are what make these Divine Calligraphy artworks come to life. Gary uses Asian calligraphy ink sticks and stones to produce the ink.  Each piece is done on Chinese rice paper, imported from China.  And larger scrolls are a combination of the highest quality rice paper and colored silk brocades, in white, yellow, red and blue, hung on a beautiful natural wood scroll.

Contact Us today to book your FREE 15 minute consultation with Gary to see where Divine Calligraphy may flow  within  your own  life, a loved one, your team or a friend or colleague.   Or Contact Us to book your 90 minute Divine Calligraphy & Connection Session right away.  

Divine Calligraphy

Spirit-Infused, One-of-a-Kind Artworks

Designed for home and office.

Order your custom creation today for yourself and someone worth inspiring.

We need not be astute scientists to know that the world is derived from, and consists of, energy.  We can feel the hum of energy within and all around us and are keenly aware of how it can uplift us, drain us, ignite us, deplete us, empower us.  We know that our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, affect that energy; how we shift, respond and move with and within this energy determines the flow of our lives. 

When energy is free to move within us, innately enriching and expanding us in body, mind and spirit we experience life in harmony.  When energy is blocked, we are blocked and our lives are limited.  When we relieve these blockages, when we open the door for greater understanding and deeper meaning… peace, health and abundance walk in.  

These Divine Calligraphy artworks are the doorway to possibility, an invitation to release where needed and embrace the limitless energy of the Universe to ignite us on the journey.  Each unique expression of art and meaning, holds within it Messages, not just of this world, but from a place where energy began.  These Divine Calligraphies are not my own, but yours, ours.  They are a gift to all.  My job is simply to receive them and share them as I am called.  What you do with them, how they serve you in your life, personally, professionally, is the gift you offer yourself and the world around you.   

The purpose of these Divine Calligraphy artworks is to awaken the innate wisdom and internal guidance within you and to powerfully transform and inspire you, those you love and live with, the team you work with, the customers and community that look to you for service.   

I have experienced the mystery and miracles that happen when I am simply open to the divine within and all around me, when I tap the energy of this Divine Calligraphy and the Messages received and delivered.  It is my dearest hope and my greatest wish that what is offered here serves as a gateway for healing, joy, love and limitless abundance in your own life.    ~ Gary 

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”Albert Einstein, in Ideas and Opinions

Spirit-Infused Art to Stir the Soul

Divine Calligraphy

How to Receive YOUR Divine Calligraphy

"Gary's lovely scroll is hanging in my downtown office.  During the day I make sure my clients and students see the scroll.  It's "Change Now" message, coupled with my intention for them,  helps to evoke the change they desire more quickly.  But above all, I have come to appreciate, more each day, the peacefulness this Divine Calligraphy brings to both my office and my life." 

        Elizabeth Payea Butler 

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"Before working with Gary we were, as a business, experiencing the frustration of having so much to offer, and yet not being able to reach a larger audience...
Working with Gary and receiving the Divine Calligraphy scroll has been very powerful - it has brought ... an increase in creativity and a removal of blockages that brings a greater harmony and, as a result, greater success. "
                                          Joyce Brown & Patty Baker
                                   Heart of the Tao, J & P Enterprises

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Divine Calligraphy

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