"Only when the pod is calm can it reflect the light that shines upon it."
"When we are born, one of the first things we do is breath in, one of the last things we do in our life is breath out.  Our life then can been seen as one breath, breathing in at birth and breathing out as we pass on.  And so ...
To extend your life - slow your breath."
"As much as busyness and activity is a natural state of mind, so to is quiet and stillness a natural state of mind. "
"The lotus does not live in separation from its environment.  It lives in harmony with its environment.  It is nurtured by its environment.  Some say that the lotus grows in muddy waters.  This may be ture, but from the muddy waters the lotus emerges.  That which may seem, from one point of view, to be undesirable, the muddy water, is the exact essence from which the desirable, the lotus, emerges.  So we must ask ourselves,  "What is desirable and what is not desirabled?  Or is it just a matter of Time?"

Divine Blend ~Combined Sound, Energy & Mentoring Session

Gary blends all of the above techniques, messages, healing therapies and mentorship offerings into one session.

After 30 years of training, studying and receiving Divine guidance through practice and an open heart, Gary has developed this session to empower you to adjust and align the energy you hold.  This includes:
~ Energy boosting and balancing
~ Energy adjustments to releasing blockages and energy-path balancing
~ Tongue healing
~ Non-Touch energy massage

Energy Therapy

Sound Therapy

This session focuses on spiritual, personal mentorship and covers the following elements:
~ Qigong mentoring, exploring the techniques and power of breath, movement and flow
~ Energy and Spiritual Development, understanding your own energy and spiritual journey
~ Spiritual Life Coaching, learning how to allow your inner wisdom to guide you forth on your adventure

Divine Mentoring

Divine Calligraphy

Spirit-Infused, One-of-a-Kind Artworks

Designed for home and office.

Order your custom creation today for yourself and someone worth inspiring.

A few words from...

Gary Savitsky

Divine Clarity

The power to heal, rejuvenate, experience perfect balance, allow exceptional health, exude loving energy and reach levels of deep and lasting peace, lies within each one of us.  But to discover it, release what blocks us, embrace what soothes us and feel the elation that comes from connecting with the Divine in body, mind and soul, sometimes we need a little help. 

Gary Savitsky is a gentle, wise, soul who truly holds a space for the Divine and allows it to gently and clearly flow through him for the benefit of all.  His Divine Guidance sessions and services allow each person he serves to recognize the Divine within and through practical tools and techniques inspires them to unleash that potential they hold for their highest living experience, personally, professionally and all the in between.

Below is a list of Gary’s Divine Guidance services.  Each session leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  Contact US to book your FREE 15 consultation with Gary to see how Divine Guidance may enrich your journey.

Purpose & Power

Divine Guidance Sessions

You can purchase these Divine Calligraphy artworks as 11X17 Prints from Gary’s original set of 28 (as featured in his book Divine Messages), through our SHOP page, or you can embark on a remarkable journey with Gary to discover your own dynamic and life-giving message through a Divine Calligraphy & Connection Guidance Session and in the process receive a personalized Divine Calligraphy, as a size of your choosing, for your home and/or office, for yourself or for someone else.

Beyond art, these are transformational sessions that will lead to deeper understanding, inspired communication and Divine connection. 
The Divine Calligraphy & Connections can happen face-to-face, over the phone or on Skype and Divine Calligraphy artworks can be mailed.  The power of Divine Energy knows no boundaries of time and space. :)  Group packages for Company Teams, Retreats and Inspirational Gatherings are also available.

Contact Us today to book your FREE 15 minute consultation with Gary to see where Divine Calligraphy may flow  within  your own  life, a loved one, your team or a friend or colleague.   Or book your 90 minute Divine Calligraphy & Connection Session right away.

For more full details on its flow and origins, please visit the Divine Calligraphy page.

Divine Calligraphy & Connection

Using the power and energy of traditional Tibetan Healing Singing bowls, your body, mind and soul deeply connect with your Divine Source.  This session results in:
~ Deep relaxation to release energetic congestion
~ Aura cleansing and strengthening
~ Healing energy meridian aligning and sound vibrational bath to clear blockages and balance energy
~ Vibrational Sound Massage



30 min sessions - $40.00

60 min sessions - $75.00

90 min sessions - $100.00

120 min sessions - $120.00

Multiple session discounts available

Day time and evening times available

"If I am filled with myself then there is little room for anything else. 
Only by emptying myself of myself can I create room for anything else... and everything Divine."