Meet Gary in A Thin Place.. 

This unique 9 week adventure in meditation is available to all levels of interest. The 'Thin Place" is described as a place where the space between the physical and spiritual thins. There are many regions of the world that has been described as being a 'Thin Place", for example Easter Island, Stonehenge, Manchu Pichu, to name a few. Many travel to these places to experience the spiritual. 

Gary believes that each of carry a thin place with us all the time, and through meditation we can find and experience  our own "thin Place" 

This class open us to the opportunity of experiencing the "Thin Place" anywhere, through pur own internal journey with meditation as our vehicle. 

We hope you join us in this adventure in meditation.

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Meet Me in a Thin Place 

Divine Events

Open Community Sound Healing Meditation Evenings

Gary is offering a number of open sound meditations, both guided and unguided, this season.

Many think that they can't achieve meditation. Sound meditation is one of the easiest and fastest method to achieve meditation. The rythmic harmonic sounds and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls sooth the mind and body, bringing on a deep sense of relaxation that easily slips into meditation.

Gary does all the work for you. You either sit or lie down comfortably and listen as Gary plays the bowls in ways that quickly put one at ease.  

In addition to deep relaxation, each bowl Gary plays is a theraputic bowl designed to awaken the bodies own internal self healing capabilities, thus in addition to having a deeply relaxing experience many receive a sound healing. 

Sound Healing is one of the most profound healing modalities as it has the capability to heal the mind, emotions, and the body while at the same time balancing our energy. 

Gary has travelled and trained under some of the worlds leading sound masters to become one of the highest trained and certified sound healers in the country. 

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Stir & be Stirred



Gary is pleased to present, Unique in Thunder Bay, the International Academy of Sound Healing Intro Workshop.

This unique workshop introduces Sound Healing and Tibetan Singing Bowls. It is an interactive evening full of information about sound healing, one of the most profound healing modalities. There will be an opportunity for a few participants to experience a mini 'demo' session , followed with a group healing sound meditation.​

We hope you join us in this adventure in sound.

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Stay Tuned as new events are being planned and this page will be updated soon with the next exciting set of events.

Sound Healing

- International Academy of Sound Healing

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