"Expect Nothing. Accept Everything." 


"Only when the pond is calm can it reflect the light that shines upon it."
"It is sometimes in the expression of another that we find ourselves." 


"In the smallest point of time there exists a sense of the Infinite.  It is here, in the small space between moments, where resides the Divine.  To see, we must be willing. "

Defining Moments

We are all defined by that which grips us, moves us (figuratively, and literally in my case), calls us, wills us, embraces us, releases us and inspires us to discover the Divine within each of us so that we may shift the world for more. These are my defining moments. These have been mine and mine alone, until now. But I feel a sense that if I share these, perhaps you will not only come to know my journey more deeply, but glimpse the magnificence of life within your own defining moments. Thank you for reading on. G

A Start...
~ At the age of 15 my calling to study Kung Fu came. By my early 20s I was instructing and began my martial Qigong practice, to build my bodies' energy to increase endurance, physical performance, increase pain threshold, speed recovery and healing. As with many journeys, we begin thinking that it is about us...This Qigong practice centered upon myself, a small circle around me. ~ In my early 30s, the circle expanded, as I met my Tai Chi Master and learned more about energy development and the human experience and was introduced to Medical Qigong. ~ In the year 2000 I began my studies with a Medical Qigong Master and my understanding of energy grew exponentially. Now I was able to develop energy for my own healing and for others. I began to teach others Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and all the while my energy was growing and I was changing profoundly. Now my circle begun to open to include others other than myself. ~ Next came the embracing of a Spiritual Qigong Master, and here my development accelerated even faster and further and deep spiritual channels opened up. I experienced what some call the Kundalini awakening, but for me it was not a single opening, but an awakening that continued everyday growing in intensity and brought many Defining Divine moments to light...
"As we begin our journey In, there is great effort with little effect. As we continue on, this soon changes, and where there is good effort there is much effect. Eventually, and wonderfully, we find that even small effort produces great effect. But for this... we must first begin." 


Divine Calligraphy

Spirit-Infused, One-of-a-Kind Artworks

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"It is never the words, in and of themselves, but the messages they convey that hold the deeper Divine meaning.  For this, we must still our minds and listen with our hearts, "

A few words from...

Gary Savitsky

Divine Inspiration

"If I am filled with myself then there is little room for anything else.  Only by emptying myself of myself can I create room for something else -

Something Divine!"

Gary Savitsky on Life

Gary has devoted his life to making room for something else.  And in this devotion he has discovered that when we Still our minds, we are able to Wake to the Mystery that exists within and all around us, within the profound and the simple. 

This waking Stirs us, makes evident the miraculous and inspires us to want to not only uncover more of the Divine Something present within ourselves, but to Stir others to discover it for themselves. 

As author, artist, messenger, facilitator, spiritual mentor and holistic practitioner, Gary is dedicated to inspiring people, teams and communities to embrace their internal wisdom and guidance, and use these innate gifts to experience and create harmony in the world.   

After 30 years of training and studying Martial Arts, Ancient Chinese Medicine, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Martial-Medical-Spiritual Qigong, NLP and Sound Therapy, in Canada, the US and China, Gary’s inspired insights and practical tools, empower us to shift and flow with the energy within and all around us.  

Gary’s book Divine Messages, Inspirational Divine Greeting Cards, one-of-a-kind Divine Calligraphies and his many programs and talks, allow all to Still the Mind, Wake to Mystery and Stir the Spirit.  In this, we are able to tap a Thin Place, where the veil between the beauty of our individual humanity and the collective power of the Divine is thinned –

here, we glimpse true freedom and Everything is Possible.

Gary's Journey

The Path to Here...

The Day the My Heart Opened... I was practicing one day when suddenly I began to experience a great feeling of energy building within me. My emotions welled up and all I could do was weep. I could not understand what was happening. The weeping became very intense. My mind was reeling and my body shaking. I spoke silently, asking "What is happening? Should I go to the hospital? What will I even say to them.?"Then a voice came to my mind. I could hear it from within me, but it was not me. It spoke to me clearly, "You will be okay. Just trust. I am opening your heart." That was it. I shook even harder and cried even harder. After about an hour and a half it began to subside. I was exhausted. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, ever. But this changed my life forever. Little did I know, it was just the beginning.

A Face-to-Face with Buddha

I was at home. I was doing some energy work and started to become very calm and centered. Quiet surrounded and filled me. Then as I was aware of my surroundings, I also seemed to be somewhere else. I could see out of my own eyes, but my surroundings changed. Time and space lost definition for me. 
I was sitting on the ground and right there in front of me was the Buddha sitting on the ground as well. In the next few moments, It was like the Buddha and myself became one.
And then every other Buddha who came before and who came after joined together with us and we were one.
I was there and not there at the same time. In my own time and in the time of the Buddha at the same moment. Deep calm within me and around me. Separation non-existence. I slowly came back to myself and even though I had left I had not left.

After this, in 2005, I traveled to China with other students from around the world to study with our Spiritual Qigong Master's Grandmaster. I returned and again my development accelerated. But how could I be surprised?... after all, I'd sat with Buddha. How can one ever play small after such a grand experience? :) There was work to be done in the world, and I had yet to know just what precisely.

Divine Artworks Discovered by Magna-Doodle
Divine connection so often comes when we least expect it.
I was at a social gathering with people of all ages, families friends, children. People eating and drinking, talking, and playing. I felt something shift within me and around me. It was as if I was separate from all that was going on around me. I was there with everyone and not at the same time.
I looked down and at my feet was a child's magnetic drawing toy. I picked it up and felt like my hand was being guided. I drew a type of character on the toy.
"What was that?," I silently asked myself. I looked around and no one was paying any attention to me. I erased the drawing and let myself go again. once again my hand seemed guided and a character of sorts flowed out.
I did this a few more times and thought, "This is so interesting. What is this, and what does it mean?"
Later when I was home I tried again in a journal and once again it happened. I did not know what it was exactly, or what it meant, but I knew that the experience had changed me somehow. This was the first time the Divine Calligraphy manifested. Over the next six years it taught me about itself, where it came from and its potential and how to share it with others.

Brought Back from the Edge
I was renovating my kitchen and had taken down a wall. There were broken 2x4 pieces of lumber and one of the them was split and had a long splintered end. As I pulled out an old nail from the wall, I lost my balance and began to fall. As I fell forward, I saw my foot push down on the splintered wood and, as if in slow motion, watched the pointed end rise up in line with my chest. I had no control, no balance. I was falling towards this pointed end, well aware I may be on my way to being impaled. The wood pierced my shirt making a hole, and made contact with my skin. At that moment, some force, twisted me away from the pointed lumber, and I felt the point gently graze my skin as I fell harmlessly in a safer direction. As unlikely as this sounds, I know I did not do this on my own. I had completely lost my balance and was falling, something, someone saved me that day. I felt the gentle twist, not from me but for me. My life was energetically, spiritually saved that day. There are clearly things left to be done for me.

Mary's Rose
It happened in the later summer of 2006, as I was preparing for my evenings' rest , and settled in for my spiritual practice.  I began, and almost immediately I could feel a presence and an energy. It was different from any other time ~ deeply powerful and sweetly gentle at the same time. A voice came into my mind, one of a feminine nature. She spoke and although I had not heard this particular voice before (that I could remember), I recognized immediately who she was... Beloved Mother Mary.
She stayed with me, taught me about the aspects of Divine Mothers' Love, shared with me the concepts and truths of  feminine energy. Then she reached out her hand.  In it she held a pink rose and moved toward me and placed it in my heart center. 
This experience brought me to understand the feminine aspect of all things, and at the same time brought me to a more energetically balanced condition within myself, between the feminine and masculine, allowing them to interchange, join, separate and flow together. Mary's visit has impacted the work I do and the way in which I deliver my programs and offerings on so many Divine levels, and for this, I am profoundly grateful. 

The Day I was Unbound
I was at work and could feel an energy building up within me. It was very strong. As it was close to the end of my work day, I made it home before the energy intensified. The feelings were insurmountable, I was shaking and the emotions were very strong. All I could do was lie on the floor and see what would come next. As I lay there, I simply let myself accept the experience and once again a voice came to my mind. Not my voice, but very clear. It said, "You are being unbound."  I shook and wept. As this was happening I began to understand what this message meant and how powerful it was for me. Of all things, this is what I needed most to propel my journey forward, to lay my soul bare for what could be.

I have been very blessed to have studied all three types of Qigong, Martial, Medical, Spiritual. I have been guided to wonderful teachers and guides. They guide my journey well.

But I am an ordinary man, and part of my message is that the energy spiritual journey is for everyone, without exception or condition. When it knocks on your door, open it and welcome it in. Let it in and allow it to expand your circle, from self, to others, to the world This is where limitless possibility for you, for us all, exists!

In 2012 I was guided to offer the energy and messages of the Divine Calligraphy gift to more in the form of a book. Born of this was Divine Messages, a book of healing and transformation for the spirit, mind, emotions and body, which was published one year later. Now my circle has grown to include so many more. The next part of my journey is to open the circle even larger to deepen the relationships and broaden the reach of the messages I long to, am compelled to share. I am grateful You now are a part of that circle and that, in our oneness, that I am a part of yours.

In Divine Gratitude,