Gary's book Divine Messages and Guidance Cards, various inspired writings, workshops, spirit-infused one-of-a-kind Divine Calligraphy Artworks, and Mentorship connections have inspired Divine living for so many individuals, and organizations.  We know that nothing speaks so powerfully as the stories shared by those who have experienced a glimpse of Gary's works.  We hope you explore for yourself and envision how your life too may be Divinely enriched. 


"Gary is the most spiritually connected individual we have ever met. The depth that he brings to our classes is unique and intense, and there is an air of comfort, trust and respect. His knowledge is very deep on the subject whether it is healing, spirituality, or helping us through our journey. Gary's Divine Calligraphies are a wonderful way to allow us to connect to the healing energies that he has channelled which helps us to heal ourselves and to heal others. Thank You"

Debbie and Fernando Santa-Maria

Workshop participants & clients

Divine Calligraphy

Spirit-Infused, One-of-a-Kind Artworks

Designed for home and office.

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"Before working with Gary we were, as a business, experiencing the frustration of having so much to offer, and yet not being able to reach a larger audience...
Working with Gary and receiving the Divine Calligraphy scroll has been very powerful - it has brought ... an increase in creativity and a removal of blockages that brings a greater harmony and, as a result, greater success. "
                                          Joyce Brown & Patty Baker
                                   Heart of the Tao, J & P Enterprises

A few words about...

Gary Savitsky

Divine Balance

An in depth look at the Whys and Hows of Gary' works, vision and hope for the world, as he answers intriguing questions with insightful answers

"What do you want people to know about themselves?
That there is a whole world of discovery within, just waiting for them ~ wonderful untapped potentials ready to be awaken within each of us. We can live a more enriched life when we Welcome inspirational guidance into our lives.

Gary Savtisky is author, artist, messenger, facilitator, spiritual mentor and holistic practitioner, devoted to inspiring people, teams and communities to embrace their internal wisdom and guidance, and use these innate gifts to experience and create harmony in the world.    After 30 years of training and studying ...

"I’m drawn to places that beguile and inspire, sedate and stir, places where, for a few blissful moments I loosen my death grip on life, and can breathe again. It turns out these destinations have a name: thin places...They are locales where the distance between heaven and earth collapses and we’re able to catch glimpses of the divine " 

Eric Weiner, The New York Times, article "Where Heaven and Earth Come Closer

These extraordinary Thin Places, places where the veil between our precious individual humanity and our Divine collective power is thinned and we glimpse peace and possibility, are scattered throughout our world, waiting to be discovered. 

But more, so much more Divine than this, is the fact that this Thin Place, this truth, this peace, this presence, this freedom Lives Within You.  It lives Within Me, Within All who are willing to Still for but a moment and be Stirred by the innate mystery, in and all around us.  The work Gary does in the world, his purpose, his passion, is to empower you to glimpse this and let it stir you, so that you in turn may stir the world.  In this knowing, together, Everything is Possible.  

Gary's Journey

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A Thin Place

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