Divine Greetings - An Evolution in the Art of Communication

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Greetings As An Experience

Divine Messages, as a book and exploration of Divine Calligraphies, is the foundation for many of Gary programs, workshops and talks and is able to been specifically explored and expanded upon within the 11-week program Divine Messages ~ A Journey to a Thin Place, where students are able to extensively learn how to use the Calligraphy and Messages for themselves and in healing and empowering others.
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Divine Guidance Cards - Messages to Guide you in Healing & Transformation

These Divine Guidance Cards are created with you in mind, with Us in mind, the collective We, as connected to all of life and the energies of this world and beyond.  They feature the unique and spirit-infused Divine Calligraphy artworks of Gary Savitsky, as originally shared within his book Divine Messages. Each card represents a spiritual message and the energy that it expresses. Using them, singly or in combination, for yourself or to inspire others, they are designed to guide in limitless ways along the physical and spiritual path to healing, vitality, peace and joy.
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Journey to a Thin Place - 11-Weeks Exploring & Expressing Divine Messages

Divine Messages - A Book of Healing and Transformation for Spirit, Mind Emotions, and Body

Message Cards

Divine Messages features 29 Divine Calligraphy artworks and the inspired messages of artist Gary Savitsky.  Each image is created with you in mind, Us in Mind, the collective We, as connected to all of life and the energies of this world and beyond. 

Beyond a book, Divine Messages is an experience to be explored.  As you tap the seal to unlock the energies of each piece, you will personally discover the healing and transformation that can come of the meditation and contemplation of such unique and spirit-infused renderings.  The opportunities for growth and expansion are limitless.
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