Divine Messages, as a book and exploration of Divine Calligraphies, is the foundation for many of Gary programs, workshops and talks and is able to been specifically explored and expanded upon within the 11-week program Divine Messages ~ A Journey to a Thin Place, where students are able to extensively learn how to use the Calligraphy and Messages for themselves and in healing and empowering others.
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The book Divine Messages focused on the healing and transformation of spirit, mind, emotions and body and features 29 Divine Calligraphy artworks and the inspired messages of artist Gary Savitsky.  Each image is created with you in mind, Us in Mind, the collective We, as connected to all of life and the energies of this world and beyond. 

Beyond a book, Divine Messages is an experience to be explored.  As you tap the seal to unlock the energies of each piece, you will personally discover the healing and transformation that can come of the meditation and contemplation of such unique and spirit-infused renderings.  The opportunities for growth and expansion are limitless.

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Journey to a Thin Place - Exploring and Expressing Divine Messages

Divine Messages

The power to heal, rejuvenate, experience perfect balance, allow exceptional health, exude loving energy and reach levels of deep and lasting peace, lies within each one of us.  But to discover it, release what blocks us, embrace what soothes us and feel the elation that comes from connecting with the Divine in body, mind and soul, sometimes we need a little help.  Gary Savitsky is a gentle, wise, soul who truly holds a space for the Divine and allows it to gently and clearly flow through him for the benefit of all.  His Guidance programs and services allow each person he serves to recognize the Divine within and through practical tools and techniques inspires them to unleash that potential they hold for their highest living experience, personally, professionally and all the in between.

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Mentoring, Sound & Energy Therapy - Sessions to Heal the Body & Stir the Soul

Divine Guidance Sessions

Take the best of Meet Me in the Thin Place meditation workshop, the powerful insights of Gary's book, Divine Messages, the Divine Calligraphy artworks that awaken all to tap a Thin Place, and combine that with Gary's 30-years experience working in Martial, Medical and Spiritual Qigong and infuse them into a practical day of learning how to Still in the midst of chaos, release unhealthy habits, use the power of words to initiate change and Wake to the next extraordinary version of your life... and you've got Gary's signature and comprehensive Stirring Potential 1/2 and Full-Day workshops. 

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Stirring Potential - Still for a Moment, Wake for a Life

For individuals, teams and leaders looking to expand their realm of possibility, to decrease stress, increase productivity at home and at work, tap the limitless and research-proven techniques for improving  health and experience the Freedom that comes when we are able to channel our energy and transform a desire for healing and vitality into reality.  Combining vision and goal-setting, with energy-shifting and breath-work, and empowering you with the practical tools to access your limitless potential. Half & Full-Day Workshops - For business and community groups, can be customized to suit the needs of your team and your strategic goals. Contact Us to book yours or join one of ours.

Tapping a Thin Place - 28 Breaths to Freedom

Gary Savitsky's SPARK uses the power of ancient Qigong (breath-work) and infuses it with an inspired series of energy-shifting movements, breathing and focus techniques that empower you to reignite your Divine Mojo at the office, at home and in all your relationships, anytime, anywhere. 

And YES!, all you need is just 9 mins (maybe even less if you've really got your game on).

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What if you KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was something you could do to up-your-game, level the playing field, increase your energy, improve your health and even make people like you even more than they already do?

Would you do it?

What if it only took 9 minutes a day to make that happen?

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SPARK - 9 Minutes to Reset Your Divine Mojo

Divine Workshops

Divine Calligraphy is both a unique art form that decorates home and office with a majestic flare, and a spiritual process that ignites an awakening of the Divine within the people, family, team or customer who gaze upon it.  Artist and Messenger Gary Savitsky, flows these one-of-a-kind creations from a Thin Place, a meditative space where the veil between our physical realm and the spiritual world of limitless possibility, is thinned.  You can purchase these Divine Calligraphy artworks from Gary’s original set of 29, as featured in his book Divine Messages or you can embark on a remarkable journey with Gary to discover your own dynamic and life-giving message. 

Meet Me In a Thin Place - Still the Mind & Wake the Divine

Downloadable guided meditations by Gary Savitsky, featuring original music ~ the soothing and invigorating sounds of ancient singing bowls and flute.  

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Divine Calligraphy

Mindful Moments - Guided Meditations for Everyday Reflections & Divine Connection

A 9-week program  empowering you to discover a Thin Place within, where who you envision to be and who you are in this life become one.  You will explore varied and powerful mediation techniques from silence to singing bowls, from singular candle gazing to the awakening that happens when we gather in the majesty of collective community for peace.   *Online programs available ~ Contact Us for Details*

Divine Meditations

Divine Programs & Offerings