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Why would you want to learn and practice Qigong?

Four Pillars Qigong consists of four Qigong practices that combine into the Four Pillars Qigong Method.

  • Pillar one is the Three Breaths - the pillar of Happiness
  • Pillar two is the Nine Breaths - the pillar of Peacefulness
  • Pillar three is the Twenty Eight Breaths - the pillar of Prosperousness
  • Pillar Four is the Thirty Six Breaths - the pillar of Healthiness

This is unique as each set of breaths can be a practiced on its own and also combined with any of the other pillars. This Qigong Method assists us in achieving what most of us desire in life, Happiness, Peacefulness, Prosperousness, and Healthiness, and when practiced regularly helps us to maintain a balanced and harmonious life.

Worldwide there are literally hundreds, if not more, of styles of Qigong.

 Each of these styles provide great benefits with consistent daily practice, but with the demanding busy lifestyle of the western world, it is a common struggle to maintain that daily practice.

With this in mind, Gary developed the Four Pillars Qigong Method.  A Qigong method to accommodate western culture. The practice requires little physical space.It can be practiced morning or evenings, indoors or out, even while travelling. 



QiGong, sometime spelled Chi Kung, Ki Kung, is a practice, an exercise. Qi representing energy, air, and Gong representing work, exercise. So together they mean energy work, air exercise. 

​Qigong combines physical movements, breathing practices, mental visualizations, and in some cases vocalizations, to bring about energetic harmony, calming of the mind, balancing of the emotions and greater overall health and vitality.


Four Pillars Qigong​​

Here are a few reasons to learn and practice Qigong.

to regain health
to heal oneself
to heal others

to re-energize

to rejuvenate
to strengthen
to increase vitality
to de-stress
to balance your self mentally, emotionally and physically
to increase your performance in almost anything, sports, exercise, study, career