"There is no right.  There is no wrong.

There are only choices that draw us farther away from, or closer to, the Divine.  "

Gary Savitsky on Life

1. What work do you do Gary?

I am a messenger.  A messenger of awakening, of healing, and of spirit.  I offer spiritual messages and the energy they share in an art form called Divine Calligraphy.  I help others to awaken to their spiritual life in many ways: Divine, Guided Meditations, Divine Calligraphy messaging and one-of-a-kind, customized Artworks, and Divine-Living, one-on-one, Mentorship.  I use these inspired works in my workshops and talks, designed to provide practical tools on how to specifically Still the Mind, Wake to Mystery, shift and use the energy within us to live and create harmony for ourselves and others, personally and professionally.

2. How did you come to do the work you do?

It was a process of following guidance rather than a direction I had consciously chosen.  As I was presented with opportunities , I trusted and followed.  I began to study body energy work in the Traditional Chinese Martial arts over 30 years ago.  This path led me to study medical and spiritual energy as well.  During my study and practice of spiritual energy work, I experienced an awakening.  For 12 years I experienced this deep awakening process which brought to light intuition and inspiration that has guided my life since.

In 2012 I was guided to begin to share what I had learned and the gifts shared with me.  All of my writings, artworks, programs and offerings flow from these gifts of experience and messages received. 

3. What are Divine Messages?

Divine Messages are messages that come from a "Divine Source" and as such have an essence, energy, and message that is greater than the word that expresses them. They are a living message that engages each of us uniquely each time we choose to interact with them. I have been blessed to be able to share these Divine Messages through a physical art form called Divine Calligraphy.

4. What is Divine Calligraphy?

Divine Calligraphy is a physical art form or expression, that flows from a spiritual source. Thus it is representative of the spiritual language rather than a human language. I call it Divine Calligraphy because it has the look of a type of calligraphy, and also because it never seems to come from my conscious mind, rather a place beyond me. When I flow the calligraphy I can only describe it as a spiritual experience. Each time is different and each time I learn something more.

Some of the Divine Calligraphies, such as those featured in my book Divine Messages, are given to me to share openly, but I also create custom Calligraphies, designed to deliver specific, inspiring and Divine messages to the receiver.  I have had wonderful opportunity to witness how these Divine Calligraphies have inspired, delighted and transformed individuals, both personally and professionally and, when used in offices, the transformation and enhancement of teams and staff with customers.  I am profoundly grateful to be able to share this with others. 

5. What kind of Coaching do you do?  

I offer what may be termed life coaching, or Divine Mentoriship as I call it, in many forms, but specialize in guiding people in techniques that enhance well-being in body, mind and spirit  I seek to empower people to recognize their own innate wisdom and internal guidance, understand the powerful energy that lives within them to heal and thrive, personally and professionally and guide them in using this energy to create greater harmony within themselves and in the world.  My journey with each client is unique and varied, as we address their dynamic needs and desires and work together to develop a program that inspires their Divine growth.    

6. What is Qigong and why is it of benefit?

Qi translates to energy or air/breath and Gong translates to work or practice, so QiGong is an energy or air/ breath exercise or practice.  One who learns and practices has the potential to heal themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It can improve mental or physical performance, say for an athlete, student or other professionals. It can extend your life.

7. What do you want people to know about themselves?

That there is a whole world of discovery within, just waiting for them, wonderful untapped potentials ready to be awakened within each of us. We can live a more enriched life when we include our inspirational guidance into our lives.

8. What would you like people to understand about life, about the world?

There is so much here beyond what we understand right now.  Stop and allow yourself to be part of the world.  As part of the world, you will discover the beauty and vastness of this place we call Earth.  It is not ours alone, we share it with all life, as we are part of all life, connected in a delicate, yet resilient balance.  If we serve life, life will serve us in return.

9. Why do you feel the work you do is important?

Too many people are struggling, suffering, and as a result the earth and all whom we share it with suffer. Helping people to awaken to their spiritual and energetic aspects will awaken the sense of connection to all other souls.  When we leave the separate aspect of ourselves and join into the community of all, when we witness and feel the pain around us, then compassion arises.  When this happens the suffering begins to heal.  We have not begun to reach our potential, both individually and collectively.  Now is the time to make that change within, not tomorrow or next week or next year, but now.  Change is a part of all physical existence, embracing it can transform life.

10. How can people learn more about the work you do?

They can certainly come to know the work I do through my book, Divine Messages, and the Divine Message Guidance Cards, both available by simply clicking on their names.  Also, I offer a number of downloadable meditations and programs to inspire all to experience the mystery that is stirred when we still the mind and connect to our Divine Thin Place within. 

11. What do you feel your purpose on the planet is?

I join with my spiritual brothers and sisters both physically present and spiritually present along with those voices from our past, to help bring about this awakening of all peoples and souls in service to all.  This in not a time of one voice to change the world, but many voices joined together.   

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A One-On-One with Gary

"When we leave the separate aspect of ourselves and join into the community of all, witness and feel the pain around us then compassion arises. When this happens the suffering begins to heal."


"Let us join together as spiritual brothers and sisters  to help bring about this awakening of all peoples and souls in service to all. This in not a time of one voice to change the world, but many voices raised together." 
" We are all connected in a delicate, yet resilient balance. If we serve life, life will serve us in return."
"With Qigong practices, engaging in Breath and Practice, we have the potential to heal ourselves, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. The techniques of Qigong, quite plainly, have been proven to extend our lives.. "


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"Divine Messages are living messages that engage each of us uniquely each time we choose to embrace them."

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